Lead Generation

On average, fewer than 3% of visitors will do business with you after the first contact.  Utilizing an Automated Sales / Marketing Funnel significantly increases the odds of converting them to a lead and then into a customer.

First Contact Marketing helps you to grow your bottom line by increasing your conversion rates.  We take advantage of cutting-edge technology that utilizes search intent, retargeting strategies and automated sales funnels.

By using a combination of Facebook, Instagram and Google Display, along with retargeting ads and highly converting landing pages, First Contact Marketing is able to help our clients generate more quality leads and significantly increase their return on investment.  This proven strategy also helps to build Brand Awareness for your company.

We also build highly effective Lead Nurturing Campaigns.  Not every lead you generate will be ready to do business with you just because they clicked on your ad and even filled in their contact information in a form.  The average salesperson only follows up 2-3 times.  Numerous sales studies have shown that 80% of business is generated after the 5th to 10th contact.  In the current market is very often the latter.

It is important to have a system that takes advantage of automation to keep in touch and nurture that lead until they are eventually ready to take the desired action.  This system should incorporate multiple communication channels.  Many sales happen 2-6 months after a lead is generated.  If your company does not have the proper systems and processes in place to keep following up with people, you are most likely losing business.  Odds are high that these leads (You have already paid for) are not being followed up for as long as they should.