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What Makes A Successful

Facebook Ad Campaign?

Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad:

Facebook Ad Campaigns allow you to have some of the most precise targeting for potential customers available today.  When a Facebook ad campaign is designed and implemented properly, you can significantly increase the probability that your message will only get in front of people who already have an interest in your product or service.

By Utilizing Facebook’s powerful algorithms, we can help people see your business as the solution to meet their needs.


Retargeting happens AFTER a person clicks on an ad or visits your website.  Retargeting marketing allows you to strategically place additional ads in front of potential customers / clients based on their behaviors and interests.  This can be based on the specific ads they clicked on or the pages on your website that they viewed.  You can then show them ads that are relevant to their actual interests.  Using retargeting marketing significantly increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Facebook Ad Campaign Services


We will help you to determine what your “Ideal Client” is by looking at past sales, as well as your industry.  We will then develop a custom target audience to help your ad get in front of the people most likely to want your product / service.


Split Testing

For any ad campaign, It is imperative to always be testing the ad copy, the images, targeting and your landing pages.  That is the only way to find the most effective combinations.  By determining what is and is not working, we can increase the effectiveness of the ad campaign and get you better results for your ad spend.


Our team will take the time to understand your ad campaign goals and your target audience.  They will then create an ad copy and call to actions (CTA) that will engage your target audience.

Graphic Design

It is extremely important to have multiple versions of the graphics / photographs for your Facebook ad campaign.  This allows our team to test different versions of the ad to see which results in the highest conversion rates.

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Retargeting / Remarketing

This is one of the most important aspects of an Ad Campaign

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